Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Day

My Meals for the week:-I have links to recipezaar below but I use America's Test Kitchen cookbooks.

Chicken Pot Pie
Mustard Pork Chops
-crispy cabbage
-mashed potatoes
Mexican Chicken Soup
-Mexican rice
-Mexican re-fried beans
Tomato-Basil Pasta with fresh Mozzarella
Cincinnati 5 way chili

Check back tomorrow to see what I purchased. Also check out orgjunkie for other menu plans.



  1. Hi Faith - thanks for dropping by my site - I left you a message! I like that Cinncinnati Chili recipe! We have lot in common - I'm a follower of Jesus, and I try to be frugal, organic and natural too! You might like my other site: for organic & natural beauty products. I'll be back, Jo.

  2. Great menu plan and the Cincinnati chili sounds so interesting! love your blog background!


  3. Great site! Love the challenge post - I might have to join in when things get a little less hectic around here. Still trying to figure out my Mister Linky problems. HeeHee

  4. There's an excellent nutrition radio show called Dishing Up Nutrition from Minnesota. You can do a google search and find the archive of shows and listen to them. If you have a smartphone get the tunein app and you can listen to the shows on the phone. They talk about arresting MS through nutrition. I have heard two separate women on the show that have experienced this. Nutrition is the key to health. Please don't "starve" yourself. You need nutrients to strengthen your immune system.
    God bless you.