Thursday, April 9, 2009

Hey, have you seen my brain? What God wants is...

I want to thank everyone for there questions and concerns regarding my health. I know many of you are concerned and have many questions still unanswered. I pray I can bring better understanding to you today.

But before we being I wanted to share a song with you that I pray will help you understand how I see my new found sickness. This is an important part of what I am blogging about so please download it and listen/watch it first...then read on.

"Jesus Bring the Rain"

This is sort of my way of doing a Q and A with you.

Well I am on a diet. Not a diet to lose weight (though I pray that is something that will happen:-) I am on a diet to rid my body of toxins.

What toxins?

Well first Candida.


Candida is a yeast that everyone has. But for some reason- more than likely all the junk I ate my whole life-my body has allowed the candida to get out of hand. And what would be a normal amount of yeast in my now wreaking havoc on me.

How do you know you have candida?

Well this is gross but I have thrush in my mouth, I have pleurisy (for almost a year now), I get yeast infections with EVERY period, serious brain fog, just to name a few.

How do I get rid of this?

Well unfortunately once candida has left your gut and is everywhere the only real way to get rid of it is to starve it to death.

What does Candida eat?

Sugar, gluten, and anything like sugar...such as fruit, starchy veggies, etc.

I am also doing this diet because my body is possibly killing itself! I have not been truly diagnosed yet (doctor's visit is not until July) but it looks like I have some sort of auto immune disorder where my body is attacking itself and causing my muscles to twitch, vibrate, and stiffen. That and the endless brain fog, and exhaustion.

What disorder is that?

Well I am totally speculating here but it looks like Multiple Sclerosis. Just for the record M.S. is where the body attacks two things, #1 it attacks the coating (this is like black electrical tape wrapping an electrical system) of your central nervous system (this is like the wires of your electrical system). When the black tape is gone the electrical system starts to short circuit. and #2 it also allows cells (the cells that normally fight infection) into the brain where they attack the brain. This can be pretty bad especially later in the disorder. From all I have read, it looks like this disorder could also be linked to my poor food choices, i.e. huge amounts cola, sugared coffee, fast food, preservatives, etc.

Lots of people eat those things why doesn't everyone have this disorder?

Well that is a good question, it seems that some people have gene pools that make them more susceptible to disorders than others. There are more factors than I like to speculate on but genetics is probably a big answer to that. Also many people probably have issues that are caused by poor diet...they just don't know it.

But M.S. is not curable right?

Well that is what the medical community says, but I think it's at least naturally treatable...I won't say curable...but from all I have read if caught early enough it can be treated enough so that you don't ever see symptoms again.

What treatment would that be?

Well for one the diet I am on(for the record I am not on the full diet yet I get to that later) This diet mostly consists of eating all natural foods. NO sugar, NO gluten, NO milk, NO preservatives, etc. Eating organic as well will help. To read more on the diet go here.

I also had a hair analysis. You see my blood work, urine, and x-rays were all coming back normal even though my body was saying...YOUR NOT NORMAL! But I found with a hair analysis it sees what those test can't see. Those results helped me to see what herbs and supplements I should take to help regulate myself. It also helped me see that certain foods that I thought were on my 'can have' part of my diet are now 'can't have' due to my metabolism type and what my body is not ridding itself of (calcium and magnesium) or is ridding too much of(phosphorus). It's a long story so lets just say it helped me see how to best use my diet/supplements for the best benefits.

Soon I will see a doctor and he will help me determine if it is indeed what I think it is, M.S. He will also help get me on some supplements, and see me on my way to living a normal life again.

Why are you sharing this with us?

Because I think God wants me to share with others that what you put into your mouth, does matter. Don't get me wrong a diet soda here, and a piece of cake not so much my concern. What I think God wants me to show others is that when we eat we should always be thoughtful to what it is, how much, and how often. He also want's me to share that food can make you sick and eating foods he made are so much better.

If you look at history (a great book to get on what cultures have eaten is Nourishing Traditions) their diets tell us a lot about health and nutrition. It is amazing that cultures with no understanding of the science behind it eat so much better than our culture where we know the science.

I want to emphasize I am not saying nor advocating a strict diet of any particular food. I am only wanting to stress that you pray and weigh in your prayers to the Lord your desire to take care of the temple He gave you. He will guide you.


P.S. if you want to continue on I will tell you how this all got short form;-)

*Seriously odd behavior at the end of my last pregnancy(now 4 years ago) mild depression
*mild postpartum depression for 8 months after birth of baby-lack of desire for anything
*brain fog-way more than usual
*lack of caring about anything-not depressed
*came home from binging trip 2 years after birth of baby from GA with lump in throat...thought cancer...found out just reflux
*muscle cramps in legs a few weeks later-thought calcium/magnesium issues took supplements got worse plus now I had weird vibrations in chest
*went to doctor took x-rays tested my cal/mag...said nada and sent me on my way
*did this again a few days later...said nada and sent me on my way
* few weeks later sharp pain in my chest when I would breath, urgent care visit later (plus another e-ray diagnosis: pleurisy
* Got sick had to take antibiotics (because of my husbands chemo treatments) started to get yeast infections and thrush in mouth
*vibrations getting stronger plus other issues got online and realized my symptoms were from candida
* Did not due much to find out what the vibrations were because of my husband health issues...put it on the back burner for a long time
*finally had enough went to doctor with a list of my issues he put me on a heart monitor
*lady did not put monitor on right and before I was able to go back and do it again the vibrations moved to my right arm and leg also
* doctor did lupus test-normal
*doctor sent me to neurologist...but I wanted to see someone who worked naturally to fix this issue so I asked a friend to give me the name of her doctor
*He said must wait until July but a hair analysis and supplements recommended from that analysis would be a great start
*muscles went from vibrating to also twitching all muscles even large ones
* Started my diet
* Got hair analysis test back and realized a lot of the foods I was eating while healthy were not good for some of my problems.
*currently waiting for doctors visit.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Heaven's tu Betsy the best brownies EVER!

I have become such a blog (or food) stalker of the spunky coconut! I have been making a lot of her stuff today for my new diet and all I can say is YUM! I am listing *my* version of her brownie recipe on here for you to try. The only reason I used my version instead of her's is because it was cheaper to use I did. The brownies I made today (recipe below) turned out cake like (because I used the baking soda-won't do that again) so I used Spunky Coconuts ganache on top (my version) to help make them gooey! Eat up, there good for you!


Flourless Brownies:
(gluten-free, casein-free, sugar-free):

Set oven to 325 degrees
Add to Bowl:
1 cup almond butter
2 eggs
1/4 tsp salt
2 teaspoons vanilla and 1/4 teaspoon stevia mixed
1/2 cup xylitol
1/2 tsp baking soda, for low altitude (may not be necessary at high altitude - I don't need it here)
1/4 cup cocoa powder (no more than 1/4 cup - or they will be dry)

Beat with electric mixer.
If the batter appears too dry add 2 to 4 tablespoons of water.
Pour into square greased cake pan. Spread slightly (it will even itself out).

Bake on the middle rack for 25 minutes.


1 Can coconut milk
1 bakers unsweetened chocolate bar chopped(these are made on machines that have had milk on them)
3Tbls cocoa or carob powder
1 fist full xylitol or to taste- I pray to get my taste buds to learn to enjoy 1/2 a fist full or less someday

Heat the cream add the chocolate bar (chopped up) and the two are whisked together. Of heat stir in xylitol and cocoa powder and pour over brownies. Enjoy!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Menu Plan Day

My Meals for the week:-I have links to recipezaar below but I use America's Test Kitchen cookbooks.

Chicken Pot Pie
Mustard Pork Chops
-crispy cabbage
-mashed potatoes
Mexican Chicken Soup
-Mexican rice
-Mexican re-fried beans
Tomato-Basil Pasta with fresh Mozzarella
Cincinnati 5 way chili

Check back tomorrow to see what I purchased. Also check out orgjunkie for other menu plans.


Shopping Day Adventures $50/$50 challenge

I am actually going to make this post my new $50/$50 challenge launch off. As my followers may know I am trying to buy all groceries (toiletries like toilet paper, shampoo, make-up ect are included in groceries) for $50.00 each week and buy all other house hold necessities (AOHHN) for $50.00 each week. If you have a challenge like this that you post or want to start your own (does not have to be $50/$50 it could be $60/$60 or $60/$40 or what ever you like just so long as it's x amount for groceries and x amount for all other necessitates.) sign the mr linky below. Please follow the directions below on how to post your link.

It is probably not a bright idea to post this week and my launch week at the same time as it is a bad week. See the first 3 weeks of this challenge seemed so easy...I should have known something was up. Well I went to my credit card account to see what I might have been missing (after my husband mentioned the total was a bit high) and sure enough I had missed some of the house hold items. I just forgot that those items are no longer in a separate budget. I am going to lay them all down here today and then start fresh this week with $50/$50

Don't Forget to Check out The Grocery Cart Challenge for more shopping day adventures!

So my shopping totals and my missed purchases:-highlights of my deals are in red

Vitamin 2.99
Razor 7.99
Mouth wash .99
Make-up 16.95
2 Cascade soap 6.00
Candy .35
Razor .75
Total 36.00
-Coupons 10.00
-CVS cash 12.98
Total 13.92

Total of all items: 36.00
-Coupons 10.00
-ECB's 12.98
Total OOP 13.92
0 ECB's left

Walgreen's:-forgot to use my Colgate coupons-duh!

Colgate toothpaste 3.29 (earn 3.50 Walgreen's cash)
Wal-zyr allergy tabs 3.99 (rebate item)
Revlon eye shadow 4.99
Revlon eye shadow 4.99
4 mentos gum 1.69x4=6.76
Axe Shampoo 5.99 (rebate item)
-4.99 BOGO Revlon eye shadow sale
-2.00 Revlon coupon
-2.00 Revlon coupon (off the free one, cool huh)
-4.00 mentos coupons (4/$1.00)
Total: 18.11 (paid for with rebate gift card from last months purchases)
Total OOP 0.00

Total of all items: 25.02
-Coupons 8.00
-Gift Card 18.11
Total OOP: 0.00
Rebates earned: 9.98
Walgreen's cash: 3.50

Band-aid Bandages 1.18
2 Gillette Shampoo 7.00
2 Neosporin 1.50 (on clearance for .75 each!)
J & J Gauze Pads 1.56
Gillette body wash 3.50
Total: 14.74
-1.00 neosporin coupon
-1.00 neosporin coupon
-1.00 band-aid bandages
-1.00 J & J gauze
-2.00 Gillette coupon
-2.00 Gillette coupon
-2.00 Gillette coupon
Fireproof movie: 20.00
Total: 24.74

Total 34.74
-10.00 coupons
OOP 24.74+ tax

Cascadian organic granola bar 2.58
Kashi bars 2.50
Kashi bars 2.50
Kashi bars 2.50
Soup .54
Soup .54
Revlon nail 1.98 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.52 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.52 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.97 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.97 (clearance)
2 Head and shoulders trial shampoo 1.94
Total 35.68
-10 $2.00 off Revlon coupons 20.00 (some only rung up 1.94 off)
-3 $1.00 off Kashi 3.00
-1 $1.00 off Cascadian 1.00
- .50 Target soup coupon .50
-2 1.00 Head and Shoulders 2.00
Total: 9.15
-5.00 gift card from last weeks transaction (toilet paper deal)
Total OOP: 4.15

Total for all items: 35.68
- Coupons 27.50
- Gift Card 5.00
Total OOP 4.15

Grand total: 42.00

Eating out: In town shopping all day-13 hours
McDonald's 4.20
Burger King 11.00ish
Village in 20.00 (had coupon BOGO or it would have been 8.00 more)
Grand Total: 35.22

Home School Swim and Gym:
Grand Total 6.00

Birthday gifts/food:
Food 4.46
Gift 30.00
Birthday eat out total: 18.02
Grand Total: 52.48

Missed house hold items:
$5.00 seed catalog for 4-H
$2.50 e-bay purchase for coupons
4.00 health bars
Grand Total: 11.50

Grand Total Groceries: 79.68
Grand Total AOHHN: 67.50
Grand Total for both 147.18 over 47.18!

Okay if you have a post or want to start one where you list a $50/$50 deal similar to mine (does not have to be $50/$50 deal just x amount for groceries and x amount for all other house hold necessities.) please sign the Mr. Linky below. Make sure to only link to your post on your deals and not your blog homepage. Also please link in your post back to me so that others can see this and other great challenges.


My Great Deals this week, saved $100.00!

Well my total on Friday for all items (well most all) being on sale or clearance $122 but I actually only paid $22! The deals were not as good as I had prayed they would be and I could not get some online coupons cuz they were gone but me still thinks me did pretty good overall!-especially considering I took my husband and kids on this all day shopping spree!

Okay here is the breakdown of what I got: (simple breakdowns are in red)

If you leave the Revlon deal out of transaction # 3 out my total OOP would have been 5.37 perfect for this CVS $5.00 challenge

CVS: -Had no ECB's (CVS cash) when I went in. OOP means Out of Pocket

First Transaction:
CVS vitamin D 2.99
OOP 3.19
ECB 2.99

Second Transaction:
Gamer Razor 7.99
-4.00 coupon
-2.99 ECB from first transaction
OOP 1.07
ECB 4.00

Third Transaction:
Act trial size mouth wash .99
5 cover girl eyeshadow
-5 $1 off cover girl coupons
-4.00 ECB from second transaction
OOP 9.55
ECB 5.00
ECB .99

Fourth Transaction
Cascade 2.99
Cascade 2.99
-.50 coupon
-.50 coupon
-5.00 ECB
OOP 0.00

Loaded car went back to get boys who were in the clearance isle and well they found some good deals so:

fifth transaction:
Disney suckers: .35
Schick quarto razor .75
-.99 ECB from third transaction
OOP .11

Total of all items: 36.00
-Coupons 10.00
-ECB's 12.98
Total OOP 13.92
0 ECB's left

Walgreen's:-forgot to use my Colgate coupons-duh!

Colgate toothpaste 3.29 (earn 3.50 Walgreen's cash)
Wal-zyr allergy tabs 3.99 (rebate item)
Revlon eye shadow 4.99
Revlon eye shadow 4.99
4 mentos gum 1.69x4=6.76
Axe Shampoo 5.99 (rebate item)
-4.99 BOGO Revlon eye shadow sale
-2.00 Revlon coupon
-2.00 Revlon coupon (off the free one, cool huh)
-4.00 mentos coupons (4/$1.00)
Total: 18.11 (paid for with rebate gift card from last months purchases)
Total OOP 0.00

Total of all items: 25.02
-Coupons 8.00
-Gift Card 18.11
Total OOP: 0.00

Rebates earned: 9.98
Walgreen's cash: 3.50

Band-aid Bandages 1.18
2 Gillette Shampoo 7.00
2 Neosporin 1.50 (on clearance for .75 each!)
J & J Gauze Pads 1.56
Gillette body wash 3.50
Total: 14.74
-1.00 neosporin coupon
-1.00 neosporin coupon
-1.00 band-aid bandages
-1.00 J & J gauze
-2.00 Gillette coupon
-2.00 Gillette coupon
-2.00 Gillette coupon
Total: 4.74

Total 14.74
-10.00 coupons
OOP 4.74+ tax

Cascadian organic granola bar 2.58
Kashi bars 2.50
Kashi bars 2.50
Kashi bars 2.50
Soup .54
Soup .54
Revlon nail 1.98 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon nail 1.94 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.52 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.52 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.97 (clearance)
Revlon lipstick 2.97 (clearance)
2 Head and shoulders trial shampoo 1.94
Total 35.68
-10 $2.00 off Revlon coupons 20.00 (some only rung up 1.94 off)
-3 $1.00 off Kashi 3.00
-1 $1.00 off Cascadian 1.00
- .50 Target soup coupon .50
-2 1.00 Head and Shoulders 2.00
Total: 9.15
-5.00 gift card from last weeks transaction (toilet paper deal)
Total OOP: 4.15

Total for all items: 35.68
- Coupons 27.50
- Gift Card 5.00
Total OOP 4.15

Grand total for the day:

Total's for all the stores 122.00
-Coupons 55.50
-Gift Cards 23.11
-Store Cash 12.98
19.41+tax= 22.00

I also got a movie and a birthday gift but I will be putting that on my 50/50 deals tomorrow.


Friday, March 6, 2009

how frugal will I be!?!

Okay today I am going to go shopping and my list total comes to just over $200.00 dollars. But my amount to spend is just over $9.00 dollars!

Come back on Monday and see how well I actually did!-oh and there might be a giveaway on my frugal blog involved!


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

$5.00 Dinner Challenge

This is where I try and make an entire dinner for 4 for $5.00! My meal Potato Soup and Tuna Sandwiches. Thanks 5dollardinners!

2 can tuna drained and chopped
2 T lemon juice
1/2 t salt
1/4 t pepper
1 celery rib minced
2 T minced red onion
2 T minced dill
1 garlic clove minced
2 T minced parsley
1/2 cup mayo
1/4 Dijon mustard
Total $1.50-$2.00

Mix all ingredients except tuna in a bowl add to tuna serve on toast!

3 C chicken stock (free if you make your own from left over bones)
3lbs potatoes
3 C milk
1 onion chopped
1 T flour
1 T butter
Total $2.00-2.50

Melt butter in large dutch oven cook onions on med until very tender add flour, lightly brown. Add chicken stock milk and potatoes, simmer until potatoes are tender stirring often.

3 3/4 cup flour
2 t salt
1C water
2 T butter
3 T honey
2 1/4 t instant yeast
Total: $1.00

add all dry ingredients to mixer (or bread machine-follow directions on bread machine) mix wet ingredients in a bowl and add slowly to mixer when dough comes together increase speed to med for about 10 minutes make sure to check and ad flour when needed. Place dough in warm oiled bowl and cover for 40-50 min press dough down roll out into a 8 inch square. roll up and pinch seam together place into a grease 9x5 loaf pan cover and rise 20-30 minutes bake in 350 degree oven (with a pan of water for steam) for 40-50 minutes

Grand Total: $5.50 giggle

Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping Day Adventures

Don't forget below Menu Plan Day I show you how we live on $50.00 a week for groceries (that include personal care, toiletries and kitchen necessities) and $50.00 a week for all other house hold necessities (that include shoes, clothing, home school supplies, car filter and oil, etc)

I also have my total's for weeks past below along with my weekly average.

I have not started my candida diet yet. I think it's best to plan out my meals for the week (more than just the soup!) and make sure they are similar to my families meals. This way I am not tempted. I will keep you updated on when I start and how it's going.-I should be starting next week!

All recipes below will be substituted for all natural and or organic ingredients. I also use America's Test Kitchen recipes because our family just loves them.

Menu Plan Monday:


Fluffy Dinner Style Omelet
French Toast
Strawberry Scones x's 2
Organic Cereal x's 2
Organic Oatmeal (vanilla and cinnamon)


Organic Popcorn
Banana Bread


Korean Fried Chicken, rice-squash-rolls
General TSO Chicken, mixed veggies-rice
Skillet BBQ pork chops, squash- rolls
Pulled Pork Sandwiches, veggies, -fries
Chili, croissants
Tuna Salad Sandwiches, fries

Need to make:

rolls x's 2
bread for tuna sandwiches
buns for pulled pork sandwiches

How my shopping week went:

This week will be bad for 2 reasons, #1 I found 2 receipts in my wallet from the past and we ate out once this week.

$50.00 for groceries:

The found receipts:
Sonic 5.39
Walmart: 3.92
Total: 9.31

Woods Grocery Store:
Navy Bean 1.25
Natural White Flour 3.59
10lb Leg Quarters 3.90
1.28lb Gizzards 1.28
1.48lb Grapes 1.32
Green Onion .59
Garlic .50
2.09lb Squash 2.05
Cilantro .99
8lbs Oranges 3.98
Banana's (day old) 1.56
2-1lb Butter 4.58
1 Dozen Eggs (running low on free range) 1.25
1lb cottage cheese 2.39
3lb corn 2.99
Total: 33.74

Eating Out:
Taco Bell 2.98
McDonald's 4.94
Sonic 2.12
Total: 10.04

Prairie Grove Farms:
Raw Milk
Total: 3.50

Price Cutter:
Organic Caesar salad dressing clearance .99
2 Gallon OJ 5.18
Steaks 4.49
Total: 11.07

3 Johnson Ez grip soap 2.91-3.00 coupon (
made .09 cents)
Shout gel
clearance 2.68
Binder for coupons
clearance 2.00
Gauze Pads 1.56-1.00 coupon .56
Total: 5.71
Grand Total for Groceries: 73.37

$50.00 for all other household necessities:

Well this week I actually put some 'grocery' items on here. I did so because I had to buy 50.00 worth!

Jet Dry 3.54
Jet Dry dishwasher cleaner 3.54
2 Cascade 2n1 20packets 8.00-$2.00 coupons
2 16pk mega roll (128 reg rolls) Charmin Toilet Paper 31.98-.25 coupon (got $5.00 gift card)
Total: 47.82+5.00 gift card for next visit

Windshield wiper fluid for truck 1.50
2 Windshield wipers for truck 10.00
3 month Air Filter for house 4.58
Total: 17.24
Grand Total: 65.06

Overall Grand Total: 138.43
Over for the week: 38.43

I will try to make up that 38.43 next week.

First week:
47.73 groceries
60.00 spelling power book
Grand Total: 107.73

Second week:
49.72 groceries
40.00 shoes ( I did not include tax here because I did it on the jackets below since they were bought together)
Grand Total: 89.72

Last week:
53.83 groceries
56.30 jackets and car oil

Grand Total: 110.13

This week:
73.37 groceries
65.06 toilet paper, dishwasher detergent/cleaners, truck wipers
Grand Total: 138.43

My average over every week is: 11.50

If I only spend $46 total next week I will be caught up. Do you think I can do it?

Don't forget to see other menu plan mondays check out orgjunkie and to see shopping day adventures check out The Grocery Cart Challenge.


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This should be 79.38 but I paid 2.72!!!

I love the sound of that title! It's super rewarding to get such great deals.

Yes I will use most of this stuff-what I don't use I donate to charity.

Okay what I got and how I did it. Please note I am not posting my grocery purchases here because I always put those on Shopping Day Adventures. But I will say I have a few cool purchases on there for next week (so far total should have been: 71.79ish (some items were on clearance) but I paid:50.87 plus a $5.00 gift card. So it's like I paid 45.87 or 36% savings-so far) so check back next Monday to see how and what I did.

The Language:
5/15: means you get 5 dollars off a 15 dollar purchase
ECB: are Extra Care Bucks you get when your receipt prints. This is like CVS cash!
Transaction: I use the ECB from my last transaction (#1) to pay for the next one (#2) etc.
OOP: means 'out of pocket'
MFG: manufacturer coupon from Sunday paper
PMFG:Printed manufacturer coupon online

For more on CVS and Walgreens tutorials go to Deal Seeking Mom or "Cents"able momma or "Cents"ible Sawyer


Transaction #1
Revlon Blush 9.99
Revlon Blush 9.99
Total 19.98
-5/15 purchase
-5.98 ecbs
-8.00 ecbs
Total 1.07
paid for with gift card from a prescription fill
Total: FREE + $10.00 ecb

Transaction #2
Theraflu (I love this stuff when I am sick) 6.59
Theraflu 6.59
Total: 13.18
mfg coupon 2.00
-10.00 ecb from last transaction
Total: 1.26
paid for with gift card above
Total: FREE + 5.00 ecb

Transaction #3
Stayfree Max Regular 24 3.99
Stayfree Max w/ 18 3.99
Total: 7.98
-5.00 ecb from last transaction
Total: 2.98
paid for with gift card above and $10 refund card (I paid nothing for it, it was an ecb and coupon refund)
Total: FREE + 4.00 ecb

Transaction #4
Colgate tooth paste 4.89
-1.00 pmfg coupon
-4.00 cvs coupon
Total: FREE + 2.00 ecb

Transaction #5
Suave mens body wash 1.99
Suave mens body wash 1.99
Suave cucumber melon 1.99
Total: 5.97
-1.50 mfg coupon
-2.00 ecb
Total: 2.47
paid for with refund
Total: FREE + 2.00 ecb

Transaction #5
Nature Made Echinacea 6.49 B1G1 Free
Nature Made Echinacea 0.00
Total: 6.49
-1.00 mfg coupon
-1.00 mfg coupon
-2.00 ecb
Total: 2.66
Paid for with refund
Total: FREE

Transaction # 6
Energy drink 4.99
Total 4.99
paid for with refund
Total: 1.56 OOP +4.99 ecb

Transaction # 7
Valentine candy .32 (for my boys)
Valentine candy .32
Shoe Goo 5.39(for my husband)
Total: 6.03
-4.99 ecb
Total: 1.09 OOP

Grand Total: 76.00 (pre-tax) My Total oop: 2.65

I have no more ecb's and no more gift/refund money. So while that stinks, I think I have done pretty well over the last two weeks.

Walgreen's Trip:

Foil 1.69
Foil 1.69
tissue .29
Total: 3.67
-walgreens coupon 1.60
-mfg coupon 2.00
Total: .07 OOP

So between the two I spent 2.72 and saved: 76.66 or 97% savings!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping day Adventures

Don't forget to check out shopping day adventures below (where I show you what I spent with my $50.00 grocery money and $50.00 everything else money) Also to get other great menu plan day posts go to orgjunkie or more grocery shopping day's go to The Grocery Cart Challenge.

Well for me the next two weeks, no more eating good yummy America's Test Kitchen meals. I am going on a 2 week candida diet were I can't have anything except lean meats and low/no sugar fruits and veggies. It's going to be so hard! I am also using this diet cleanse and this fungal detox with my diet...and below is my main meal that I will be eating everyday all day. I actually like this meal so I am happy with it. I just hate giving up sweets! lol!

My candida meal for the week: I will eat this all day including dinner

Lentil and Cabbage Stew (I am substituting the toovar dal with red lentils, not using ground fenugreek or black mustard seeds, and I am using curry powder instead of leaves...I am also doubling the recipe.

I also plan to eat:

Strawberry Limeade Smoothies (recipe below)

Celery and almond butter

along with my stew I will be eating steamed veggies (drenched in butter!)

My Strawberry Limeade Smoothie:
1/2 C frozen strawberries
1/2 C yogurt
2-3 T lime juice (more or less to your liking)
1/4 C water (you can use milk to make it creamer or oj for tartness but I can't have those)
1/4 t stevia
2-3 t Xylitol

add to blender mix and serve! Tastes yummy!

Don't forget I substitute a lot of the ingredients for all natural or organic or healthier ones. Such as sugar I use Xylitol or Honey, for flour I use whole wheat, spelt, or brown rice, for chocolate I use carob powder, etc. Also I use America's Test Kitchen Recipies and not the ones below.

My Families meals for the week:

eggs and grits
cinnamon vanilla oatmeal
organic cereal

carrots and ranch
organic popcorn
all natural Cheetos
Chocolate banana bread (from really old bananas)

Toasted Turkey Subs, home fries, steamed veggies
Skillet creole chicken fricassee, rice, mashed potatoes, steamed veggies
Shrimp and scallop skewers with hoeisn-ginger sauce, rice, steamed veggies
Grilled chicken with sesame noodles,
Lemon chicken and rice soup
Mexican Chicken soup

How my grocery shopping went:

Well I have to go by memory but I think my husband spent around 13.00 on these items:

foil (err I can get it free at Walgreen's this week-oh well now I will have a lot)
brown sugar
3 3lb pork shoulder
Total: 13.00ish

I spent:

Akin natural food market:

2 Panda licorice for boys 1.30
agave nectar 3.99
3 Soda (stevia) 3.48
Total 9.00

Woods Grocery Store:

tomatoes crushed 1.67
5.97lb grapes 5.26
2lb Mangoes 1.98
4.36lb cabbage 2.57
1 jalapeno pepper .14
6lb apples 4.00
Lettuce 1.19
1lb butter 2.39
2-1lb Brocolli Normanday 3.00
2-1lb Mediterrainan Veggies 3.00
Total: 26.39

Praire Grove Farm:
Raw Milk 3.50

Grand Total: 51.89ish

If you guys read my blog you know each week we have $50 for groceries and $50 for all other house hold and personal nessesities. Each week I have pretty much stayed right on the money.

First week:
47.73 groceries
60.00 spelling power book
Grand Total: 107.73

Second week:
49.72 groceries
40.00 shoes ( I did not include tax here because I did it on the jackets below since they were bought together)
Grand Total: 89.72

This week:
51.89 groceries
10ish oil and filters for car(husband got...don't remember total)
1.94 Walgreen's
46.30 jackets
Grand Total: 110.13

So it looks like I am over by about $7.58ish (depending on what my husband actually spent, which these totals should be right on the money-ish)

Not bad aye?

So do you have a frugal freak deal you would like to share? If so sign up to my Linky below along with your post of your frugal deal (be sure to only link your current deal post not your blog homepage)


Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Total should have been: 305-ish But I paid 88.24

I bet your dieing to know how I saved so much! Well I will tell mostly because I am just dieing to tell everyone!

NOTE: because of taxes my amounts might seem a touch off, but it should not be too much, if it is let me was a lot of math for this girl to do! lol

Okay I went to CVS and EVERYTHING I purchased there was TOTALLY FREE, plus I have a 10 dollar rebate coming and 27.78 in ECB's left (13.08 of which are on gift cards so they don't expire)

I have to admit, at first this CVS/Walgreens shopping was so overwhelming! However I stuck with it and it is getting so much easier to do. These are the 3 things that kept me going:

1. The desire to save money-no matter my income
2. The time it takes to learn this which at first will take some time but once you do it, it gets much easier-it helps that so many mom's are willing to share
3. The effort to stay organized. I am not organized with a lot of stuff, but you have to be with this. It's just not an option or you will end up losing money.

First I must totally thank these ladies for helping me, if it were not for them I could not have done this. All of them plus many more helped me. note: you can check them out on my left side bar!

Most of these ladies have great tutorial on how to be the best deal getter there is! Here are some of the tutorials I used:

Okay now to explain a little about what I did:

First I went to these girls websites (above) and looked over the way they purchased their items and in what order they did there transactions. In order to get the best deals at CVS you must make multiple orders and then pay for it with your ECB's (extra care bucks that print at the bottom of your receipt-it's like cash that you can only use at CVS and it expires in roughly a month) I think I made 5 transactions (the girls above suggest no more than 4 at a time but the cashier was ever so helpful so I did not get back in line for each of them, she let me do them all in one visit)

Before I went to CVS, I wrote down the best scenario for our family. Then I printed all the coupons that the girls had listed that went with my transactions. I made sure to write this all down next to each transaction. Then I went to my coupon book:

and got out all the coupons that went with each transaction, put them with my printed coupons and separated them out by transaction. Before I left I made sure I knew and listed how much each item should cost, how much ecb's I would spend and how much ecb's I should be getting back. I also made sure to put my CVS ad in my binder with my coupons and list.

Just a note I put my coupons in the binder above in quart sized Ziploc bags (that I hole punched) and labeled according to the item's, mine are:

use this week
body products
face products (shaving cream, razors)
hair products
teeth products
cleaners/smell goods
bathroom needs (q-tips, toilet paper, etc)
kitchen needs (paper towels, foil, etc)

Then I headed to CVS. I took my time tring to make sure I got the right items (you have to be careful they put the signs in the wrong spot and if you don't get the right size/kind you'll be stuck in line and totally stressed out)This is what my transactions looked like, but keep in mind that I started with a $25.00 gift card for CVS that I got for filling my new prescription last week( I only had $16.46 when I started) , I also had about $25 .00 in ECB's, and a $10.00 gift card from a refund but I did not use that on this visit.

Transaction #1:

1 Colgate tooth paste 2.99
1 Colgate tooth paste 2.99
mfg coupon 1.00
mfg coupon 1.00
total: 3.98+tax 4.25
paid for with gift card made it:
plus got $5.98 back in ECB's

Transaction # 2:

Suave men's body wash 2.00
Suave ocean breeze body wash 2.00
Suave Sweet pea body wash 2.00
mfg coupon 1.50
-ECB 4.00
total: .50+ tax= .53
paid for with gift card made it:
Plus got back $2.00 in ECB's

Transaction #3

Wheat Thins 2.50
Wheat Thins 2.50
Cotton Swabs 2.50
Stay fresh pantie liners 3.99
Stay fresh pantie liners 3.99
Candy bar I had to get .67
15.98 ECB
Total .17+tax=.18
Paid for with gift card made it:
Plus got back $4.00 in ECB's

Transaction #4
Scope mouth wash liter 3.99
Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.99
Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.99
Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.99
Herbal Essence Shampoo 2.99
coupon .75
coupon 3.00
coupon 3.00
ECB 1.99
ECB 2.00
ECB 4.99
Total 22+ tax=.24
Paid for with gift card making it:
Plus got back $5.00 in ECB's

Transaction #5 the money maker:
Natural Dentist Mouth wash 9.99
Natural Dentist Mouth wash 9.99
mfg coupon 2.00
mfg coupon 2.00
ECB 4.00
ECB 4.00
Total 7.46 with tax
Paid for with gift card making it:
FREE Plus got back 8.00 in ECB's Plus I have a $10.00 rebate mailed off!

To recap; all of this on sale would have cost me: 61.07(pre tax) but because I used coupons I saved $14.25 and because I used my ECB's I saved: 37.96 and the rest I put on the $25.00 gift card I got for my prescription last week. But I still have 13.98 in ECB's $3.08 left on my gift card, and 10.00 on another gift card from a refund. Making my total left to spend: 27.78

So I started with:
38.38 spent NOTHING and now have 27.78 in ECB's and gift cards left to spend, plus a $10.00 rebate!

Tell me who is the WOMAN!!

Now for my Walgreen's purchases:

Finesse Shampoo 3.99 B1B1 free
Finesse Shampoo 0.00
Charmin 6 double roll 4.79
Tooth paste (can't have more coupons than items so I had to get this) .99
mfg coupon .75
mfg coupon .75
mfg coupon .25
walgreens cash register reciept from last week 6.00
total 1.82+tax= 1.94
Paid out of pocket (oop) 1.94

Okay on to my next savings. My husband and I went to sears to get us some shoes that were on sale. While there we saw that jackets were on clearance. We always try and buy our boys jackets the season before so we can get them really cheap. This is what we purchased and our savings: Please note on the jackets we use to get these same jackets in years past for like 10-12 dollars but because of the high starting prices the clearance prices are just not that low any more (we received 50% off plus an additional 30% off of that)

Boys size 14-16 jacket 95.00 we paid 24.00 (Zero Xtreme w/hood and i-pod pocket)
Boys size 5/6 jacket 60.00 we paid 16.79 (Cars The Movie theme w/hood)
Mens Reebok shoe 39.99 we paid 19.99 (Trail wave ultra light -black, grey and red)
Women's Reebok shoe 39.99 we paid 19.99 (Trail wave 3-D ultra light- grey and purple)
Total: 234.98 we paid 86.30 after tax!

So to Recap today I spend around 88 dollars on items that would have cost around 305 dollars!~

Total saving 71%

So tell me, what fugal freak things have you done? If you have posted on it, sign my link down blow and put your blog in it. Make sure you just link to your most recent or favorite frugal freaky savings post. It's helpful but not necessary to link back here in your post.


Monday, February 16, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping day Adventures

Well this has been one fun frugal adventure. I have been so excited to try and get good deals, and still stick to my semi-candida diet(more about that later in this post). My biggest problem has been the organic all natural part. My local grocery just does not carry much. I am planning on going to a local natural food market (that is 40 miles away, but on my way to the dentist office) later this week and see if I can shop there. I called them yesterday to see if they take online coupons-cuz that would just be so wonderful. We shall see.

To see other menu plan Monday's go to or to see other grocery cart challenges go to Grocery Cart Challenge and learn the best ways to be organized, and shop on the cheap.

Keep in mind I use America's Test Kitchen recipes as they are so perfect, we just don't want to try anything else, oh and your in luck I found 2 of the ATK recipes on recipezarr cool huh!

What I will be making this week:


Cinnamon and Vanilla Oatmeal

Eggs and grits

Organic pop tarts (I will be glad when these are gone cuz they are loaded with sugar)

Organic cereal


Lasagna x's 2 and freezing the other one for later in the month, salad

Chicken Quesadillas

Turkey, dressing, and bread stuffing

ATK Thai Peanut Chicken Salad wraps, fries

ATK Easy Minestrone bread, salad

Hearty Tuscan Bean Stew bread, salad


fruit basket my mommy sent us for valentines day
banana bread-bought too many apples last week

How my shopping week went: But first;

As you may know my shopping budget was cut in half from $100 to $50. However I still get the other $50 for home school purchases or clothing-that use to be in it's own budget which is now gone. So last week I bought this spelling curriculum with the other $50.00, ahem...well it was actually $60.00 but it covers 12 years of school and it's only one book but it comes with a DVD and a CD (I think) So this week we only have $40.00 left for shopping and Thor and I were thinking of getting these shoes not that we really need them right now, but my husband foresees it (um by it we mean the economy) getting worse as the years go by and we are wanting to stock up on things like clothes so we don't have to worry in the years to come.

Now on to my shopping week:

Well now to tell you about my candida diet. At this point I am not 100% doing the diet. I have given up white sugar(well I did have a few chocolates on valentines day;-) and white flour plus most carbs. I am taking an anti-fungal (that is working pretty well) and when it is gone I will do the full candida diet for 2 weeks along with a dieters cleanse. That should take care of most of it. I have noticed a huge change in how I feel after just one week. My lungs feel better, my vibrations (I have muscle vibrations) are all but gone (I had one bad night after eating large amounts of hunny sweetened brownies-so I must limit my daily hunny intake) I still have huge bouts of brain fog, and fatigue, but even those are getting better (I actually cleaned my house today)

So enough about me here is what I got or will get and what it cost me:

First let me start by saying I hardly had to purchase any fruits because my dear mom was so sweet and sent me this fruit basket for valentines day:

2-28oz Hunts tomato diced 4.00
1lb ground beef 2.45 (this was suppose to be 1.99-err)
4lbs cabbage 1.05
2.06lbs apples 1.81
garlic bulb .50
lettuce 1.19
8oz Kraft Cheese Mexican Blend 2.99
1lb Dannon plain yogurt 3.29
16oz Best Choice Mozzarella 4.99
1lb cottage cheese 3.19
6 yogurts 3.00-.80 coupon 2.20
Hiland Butter 2.00
oj 2.69(this was suppose to be 1.43 err)
5lbs frozen Strawberries 5.75

Total: 39.92-1.70 refund= 38.22

I am going to go back and get my extra money refunded I know it's sad because it's only a 1.70 'something', but I need all of it I can get!

I still need to get raw milk 3.50 and xylitol 6.00 and cannellini beans 2.00


I know if I really tried, I have enough in my pantry that I could get away with spending less, but until I get better at this I am happy to just stay under budget. Here is what I plan to do next week to work on my costs so I can spend my $50.00 stocking up on more organic stuff:

Look up ingredients I have on hand in my recipe index to find better suited recipes (I have sort of been doing this, but more leaning toward what's in the ad than what I have on hand).

So tell me what have ya'll been doing to be frugal freaks?

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thrifty Tip

Thrifty Jinxy does thrifty Thursday on her blog and I thought it would be cool to join her on this neat adventure.

My thrifty tip is YOU HAVE TO BE ORGANIZED TO BE THRIFTY. I have learned over the last few weeks with couponing, ad watching, meal planning, and shopping that if I take a few minutes (while watching a show) and make my lists, clip my coupons an organize them with my list, then shop...I can be in and out of a store really fast. Then I am not missing something or running out of something, or buying the wrong item for the wrong coupon. It's worth the few minutes each day to do it.


Honest Scrap Award For Moi

My new dear blog friend over at funky food allergies tagged me with a Honest Scrap Award. I am happy to accept the award and grace you wall with 10 things about Moi! Because you all know your just dieing to learn so much about know you are!

My list of 10 things about Moi

1. I actually enjoy being frugal-I just wish it was so I could save to buy new shoes instead of making ends meet.
2. I secretly pray there is a library (bigger than earth) in heaven...I really do!-but it has to have a coffee house in it.
3. I research, more than actually doing it. I can sure tell you how to do this or that...but I don't have time to actually do it cuz I am still researching on perfecting it.
4. I have 13 cavities that all somehow materialized in the last 2 years...I think it has something to do with my candida...that is my story and I am sticking to it!
5. I heart garlic-I can't remember a dinner I have made without it.
6. When I grow up I want to be a coffee house missionary-lets pray, over a latte
7. I read in the bathroom, and it is in no way to get away from the kids, seriously...I am not kidding, my kids are gold and I want to spend every minute with them...honestly...okay I grab a few 'bathroom' minutes for some peace of mind...mine!
8. I call my kitchen appliances wives. My reason is because they are extra hands around here and if my husband had many wives that would be what it would be like, so instead of him actually having other wives...he has a stand mixer, a blender, a food processor, and a dishwasher...I love all his wives!-oh and the strange thing is all his wives(other than myself) are named KitchenAid...go figure!
9. I think naps and rest should be highly excepted in this country, work work work is highly overrated!
10. I would love to get in the car with Jesus, and just drive and talk for hours. I don't really need to say anything, just listen for once.

If you want to do this to, join me!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

$5.00 dinners-Pork Chops, Broccoli Stirfry, And Spicy Home Fries

$5.00 dinners! Wow do you think you could make a meal for your whole family for so cheap? Well guess what, I did! and I got this neat-o idea to post my dinner from $5.00 dinners to show you a great meal that you can make for $5.00 too! So here is my weeks dinner recipe:

$2.00 pork chops - 4 chops about 1.5 to 2 pounds
$2.20 stir fry broccoli - 1lb frozen florets
.44 spy home fries - 2lbs russets small square dice

Total: $4.64 + spices and oil probably comes to $5.00

With the pork chops pat dry and rub with a little sugar (I used Xylitol) sea salt and cracked pepper. Fry in a hot pan (about medium) of oil (about a tablespoon) until golden brown, do the same to the other side and then place on a plate and foil to bring up to temp. to finish cooking , the chops should be taken off a little before done and will finish under the foil-check the temp for doneness!

Chop the potatoes into a small dice and fry in a skillet on medium heat (using bacon drippings) with lid on until soft. Add salt and pepper to taste (but pepper is a must) and then add cayenne to taste.

For the stir fry steam the broccoli for a few minutes in a steamer. Then toss with one T of oil, salt, and pepper and cook in frying pan for a few minutes until bright green and tender but not too tender. Add one clove of garlic minced and stir a bit longer then serve.-If you like your garlic a bit more tender ad it to the pan about 15-30 seconds before you ad the broccoli. Just don't let it brown.

And there you have it, a yummy $5.00 dinner!

My Frugal Just Got a Whole Lot More Frugal!

Well our home has now been hit by this economic downturn. It looks like our income might become 1/2 of what it was. Fortunately I am blessed with a wonderful husband who put every extra penny we have had over the last 7-10 years into getting the house and cars paid off, so thankfully no huge dept for us. It still is going to be tight! I don't know how those with dept will make it? I just don't know? prayers and love go out to those families.

Well My grocery budget was to be around $75-$100 a week, that IS going to change. I still get $100 but now it has to cover groceries(which has always included toiletries), clothing, and school supplies (we homeschool). So I am now going to have to try and keep my grocery spending around $50.00 every week. This will be such a feat because up until a few weeks ago I was probably spending $125-$150 a week...ahem or more. And that did not include eating out-which is out of the question now.

To make sure I am going to be able to stay within my $50.00 I hit my freezers hard. I went through them and wrote down everything I had. This gave me a great idea on how much meat I had and that I do not need to buy any unless it's dirt cheap. Because I wrote it all down I now know at a glance what is in the freezer...just so long as I remember to mark it off once we have eaten!

My new candida diet. Well it seems that for the last 4 years I have suffered from a server bout with Candida. I now have no choice but to do this candida diet. It sucks! I mean really really sucks! But I did get a cookbook to help me. And get this my husband is going to go on it with me! Is he not the sweetest or what! It will be hard to do candida sweets on $50.00 a week, but if I am careful I might get some homemade candida free brownies and muffins in once a week!

So here are my meals this week, plus my shopping trip!

Meals: Keep in mind I get almost all my recipes from America's Test Kitchen and I will be substituting anything not healthy or apart of my candida diet with healthy candida free ingredients.

Omelet-bell pepper
oatmeal-cinnamon vanilla-homemade
organic cereal
organic pop tarts
french toast homemade candida free syrup
grits and eggs

pork chops, stir fry broccoli, spicy home fries
pizza-mozzarella and sausage, salad
BBQ Chicken, french onion soup, beans
Spaghetti skillet (homemade noodles), braised cabbage, salad
chicken pot pie, mashed potato casserole, rice casserole

yogurt (homemade)
muffins (homemade)
baby carrots

Here is how my shopping trip went:

It is so neat to look at that picture and see all those fruit's and vegetables, especially considering my small budget. So here is what I got:

Dishwasher liquid sale 3.27-1.00 coupon 2.27
Vinegar 2.29
7lb bananas 5.00
9 oranges 3.29
4 green bell peppers 2.00
3 3lb bags of onions 4.50
1 green cabbage 1.85
1 red cabbage 1.73
1 bunch green onions .59
garlic bulb .50
cilantro .99
organic baby carrots 1.89
lettuce 1.19
8oz Monterrey jack cheese 2.99
8oz Mozzarella cheese 2.99
1lb butter 2.13
2lb frozen broccoli 4.38

Grand Total: 44.23

I think I still need to get milk which will take my total to 47.73 but that is still pretty good aye?

To see how others did check out the grocery cart challenge or orgjunkie