Tuesday, February 10, 2009

My Frugal Just Got a Whole Lot More Frugal!

Well our home has now been hit by this economic downturn. It looks like our income might become 1/2 of what it was. Fortunately I am blessed with a wonderful husband who put every extra penny we have had over the last 7-10 years into getting the house and cars paid off, so thankfully no huge dept for us. It still is going to be tight! I don't know how those with dept will make it? I just don't know?...my prayers and love go out to those families.

Well My grocery budget was to be around $75-$100 a week, that IS going to change. I still get $100 but now it has to cover groceries(which has always included toiletries), clothing, and school supplies (we homeschool). So I am now going to have to try and keep my grocery spending around $50.00 every week. This will be such a feat because up until a few weeks ago I was probably spending $125-$150 a week...ahem or more. And that did not include eating out-which is out of the question now.

To make sure I am going to be able to stay within my $50.00 I hit my freezers hard. I went through them and wrote down everything I had. This gave me a great idea on how much meat I had and that I do not need to buy any unless it's dirt cheap. Because I wrote it all down I now know at a glance what is in the freezer...just so long as I remember to mark it off once we have eaten it.lol!

My new candida diet. Well it seems that for the last 4 years I have suffered from a server bout with Candida. I now have no choice but to do this candida diet. It sucks! I mean really really sucks! But I did get a cookbook to help me. And get this my husband is going to go on it with me! Is he not the sweetest or what! It will be hard to do candida sweets on $50.00 a week, but if I am careful I might get some homemade candida free brownies and muffins in once a week!

So here are my meals this week, plus my shopping trip!

Meals: Keep in mind I get almost all my recipes from America's Test Kitchen and I will be substituting anything not healthy or apart of my candida diet with healthy candida free ingredients.

Omelet-bell pepper
oatmeal-cinnamon vanilla-homemade
organic cereal
organic pop tarts
french toast homemade candida free syrup
grits and eggs

pork chops, stir fry broccoli, spicy home fries
pizza-mozzarella and sausage, salad
BBQ Chicken, french onion soup, beans
Spaghetti skillet (homemade noodles), braised cabbage, salad
chicken pot pie, mashed potato casserole, rice casserole

yogurt (homemade)
muffins (homemade)
baby carrots

Here is how my shopping trip went:

It is so neat to look at that picture and see all those fruit's and vegetables, especially considering my small budget. So here is what I got:

Dishwasher liquid sale 3.27-1.00 coupon 2.27
Vinegar 2.29
7lb bananas 5.00
9 oranges 3.29
4 green bell peppers 2.00
3 3lb bags of onions 4.50
1 green cabbage 1.85
1 red cabbage 1.73
1 bunch green onions .59
garlic bulb .50
cilantro .99
organic baby carrots 1.89
lettuce 1.19
8oz Monterrey jack cheese 2.99
8oz Mozzarella cheese 2.99
1lb butter 2.13
2lb frozen broccoli 4.38

Grand Total: 44.23

I think I still need to get milk which will take my total to 47.73 but that is still pretty good aye?

To see how others did check out the grocery cart challenge or orgjunkie


  1. You did great, good luck your new diet.

  2. I feel your pain! If you haven't already, check out the 365 Crockpot Blog. Most of her recipes are very cheap. I usually double the beans and half the meat called for and it still tastes great.

    I'm saving a small fortune in yogurt and granola alone!


  3. I like your attitude. Good shopping trip.