Monday, February 2, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping day Adventures


Well, I am learning so much about how our family shops. This week I am not putting some food items on my list because they were for the Super Bowl Game, and we have a separate budget for that, it's called 'entertainment'. I will admit, for 4 people...we spent a lot on 'entertainment' this Sunday...but it sure was fun!

Don't forget most of my recipes come from the great books of America's Test Kitchen!

Okay my meals for this week are:


Eggs and grits x's 3
organic pop tarts
oatmeal with honey vanilla and cinnamon (and a touch black strap molasses) x's 2
organic cereal


leftover guacamole and chips
celery and peanut butter


Garlic Shrimp
Pulled Pork
BBQ chicken legs
Deer stew

Okay now how my shopping week went:

Brats 6.00
2-2 lb Shrimp 9.98

Subtotal: 16.20

2 Hot dog Buns .89 (forgot to make homemade ones and had to go back to store for last week)

Subtotal: 1.86

Millers Country Store:

Raw Honey x's 2 16.55
1lb Xylotol 6.99
Flax Seed Oil 9.99
Organic Tea for making shampoo 4.99
Natural Soda 1.99
yeast 3.18

Subtotal: 47.71

Dutch Store:

Black Pepper corns 1.92
Carob powder 1.70
Sea Salt 2.70
Black Strap Molasses 2.25

Subtotal: 8.85

Dutch Market: receipt does not say what I purchased...winging it.

4 organic pop tarts .70 each
4 organic cereal 1.20 each
Amish butter cheese
5 dozen free range eggs 2.50 each
3 candy bars .30
2 pretzels .10 each
4 toms natural mouth wash (lemon lime) 5.60
1 toms natural toothpaste (spearmint) 1.20
hamster food 1.50
other stuff

Subtotal: 42.66

Grand Total: 117. 31

This total is a tad high because I hit markets that are 30 miles away-and I only go to the once a month or less, so if they have many good deals, I get with the toms natural mouth wash and eggs.

For more ideas, recipes, and tips on being organized you can go to:
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  1. I am very pleased to find your blog via Grocery Cart Challenge! I too am attempting Organic/Frugal. So far it is a challenge to balance the two. I look forward to learning from you.