Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Using your frugalness to help others!

I say if you love to shop at CVS or Walgreens, when you get free items you don't want or need, wouldn't it be nice to give them away to a local charity?

I so don't understand why other blogger post their receipts the way they do them so I am going to do them my way...please let me know if they are easier or harder to read. Keep in mind when it says "on your next purchase" I still have those coupons left to purchase other items, and if I only purchase items that give you "on your next purchase" coupons on my next shopping trip it will never end! So basically you spend your money the first time, but after that, if you watch what you buy you will never spend more, over and over and over! Is that not a hoot!

Total Spent per item for CVS= 1.18 each or if you don't count the free stuff I spent 1.66 each


6 Speed Stick Deodorant's
sale 2/$5.00
buy $15 worth get $5.00 for next purchase (Extra Bucks=EB)
paid= $15.00-5=$10/6=$1.66 each!

2 Dove Deodorant's
sale 2.29 each
coupon 1.50 off two
buy dove product get $2.00 for next purchase EB
paid= 4.58-1.50-2.00= $1.08/2=.54 each

CVS recycled paper Towels 3pk
Reg 2.49
When I walked into store and scanned my card I got a $1.00 off coupon for this item
Paid 1.49

CVS Lotion (actually smells really good)
Get: 1.00 for next purchase EB
When I walked into store and scanned my card I got a $1.00 off coupon for this item
Paid 2.99-1.00coupon-1.00 EB =.99

No rub solution in wrong picture, should be with the Walgreen's rebate picture!lol

2 Ear Rinse
Sale $7.99
Get $7.99 for next purchase EB

CVS Asprin
Reg: 1.99
Get: 1.99 for next purchase EB
Paid $1.99-1.99=FREE

Instant Energy Drink
Reg: 4.99
Get: 4.99 on next purchase EB
Paid: 4.99-4.99= FREE

Okay lets also put it another way I walked into that store and after manufacturing coupons, store coupons, I spent:

47.57 however I have $30.96 in EB coupons left for next week (coupons expire in a month)

So it's really like I spent:
16.61 just so long as when I spend these EB's I also get EB coupons back and don't spend any cash. Then all future purchases will be free!!!! I am sure that won't happen every time, but it will still be some great deals!

Total Spent per item for Walgreens= .87 each or if you don't count the free stuff I spent
1.75 each

Now for Walgreens Purchases:

2 SunSilk Mouse
Clearance 1.19 each
had a MFG coupon $2 off 2
Paid 2.38-2=.38

Revlon Lipstick
Sale 9.99
9.99Mail Rebate
Paid 9.99-9.99 Rebate=FREE

Revlon Foundation
Sale 9.99
9.99 Mail Rebate
Paid 9.99-9.99= FREE

Zucol Cold Stuff
Sale 7.99
Rebate 7.99
Paid 7.99-7.99=FREE

Garnier Fructis
Reg 3.99
Rebate 3.99
Paid 3.99-3.99=FREE

Contact Solution
Sale 1.99
Rebate 1.99
Paid 1.99-1.99=FREE

Secret Deodorant
Reg 3.29
Walgreens coupon 1.30
MFG coupon .25
Paid 3.29-1.30-.25= 1.74

Tom's Of Maine Toothpaste (strawberry)
Sale 2.99
Paid 2.99

Reg .79
Paid .79

Total Spent: 42.73-Rebates 29.96 = 8.78

Grand total: 8.78+16.61=25.39/24items= 1.05 each and if you don't count free items=1.70 each

Do you have a CVS and Walgreens shopping trip you want to share? Please put just that post into Mr. Linky blow.

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