Wednesday, February 25, 2009

This should be 79.38 but I paid 2.72!!!

I love the sound of that title! It's super rewarding to get such great deals.

Yes I will use most of this stuff-what I don't use I donate to charity.

Okay what I got and how I did it. Please note I am not posting my grocery purchases here because I always put those on Shopping Day Adventures. But I will say I have a few cool purchases on there for next week (so far total should have been: 71.79ish (some items were on clearance) but I paid:50.87 plus a $5.00 gift card. So it's like I paid 45.87 or 36% savings-so far) so check back next Monday to see how and what I did.

The Language:
5/15: means you get 5 dollars off a 15 dollar purchase
ECB: are Extra Care Bucks you get when your receipt prints. This is like CVS cash!
Transaction: I use the ECB from my last transaction (#1) to pay for the next one (#2) etc.
OOP: means 'out of pocket'
MFG: manufacturer coupon from Sunday paper
PMFG:Printed manufacturer coupon online

For more on CVS and Walgreens tutorials go to Deal Seeking Mom or "Cents"able momma or "Cents"ible Sawyer


Transaction #1
Revlon Blush 9.99
Revlon Blush 9.99
Total 19.98
-5/15 purchase
-5.98 ecbs
-8.00 ecbs
Total 1.07
paid for with gift card from a prescription fill
Total: FREE + $10.00 ecb

Transaction #2
Theraflu (I love this stuff when I am sick) 6.59
Theraflu 6.59
Total: 13.18
mfg coupon 2.00
-10.00 ecb from last transaction
Total: 1.26
paid for with gift card above
Total: FREE + 5.00 ecb

Transaction #3
Stayfree Max Regular 24 3.99
Stayfree Max w/ 18 3.99
Total: 7.98
-5.00 ecb from last transaction
Total: 2.98
paid for with gift card above and $10 refund card (I paid nothing for it, it was an ecb and coupon refund)
Total: FREE + 4.00 ecb

Transaction #4
Colgate tooth paste 4.89
-1.00 pmfg coupon
-4.00 cvs coupon
Total: FREE + 2.00 ecb

Transaction #5
Suave mens body wash 1.99
Suave mens body wash 1.99
Suave cucumber melon 1.99
Total: 5.97
-1.50 mfg coupon
-2.00 ecb
Total: 2.47
paid for with refund
Total: FREE + 2.00 ecb

Transaction #5
Nature Made Echinacea 6.49 B1G1 Free
Nature Made Echinacea 0.00
Total: 6.49
-1.00 mfg coupon
-1.00 mfg coupon
-2.00 ecb
Total: 2.66
Paid for with refund
Total: FREE

Transaction # 6
Energy drink 4.99
Total 4.99
paid for with refund
Total: 1.56 OOP +4.99 ecb

Transaction # 7
Valentine candy .32 (for my boys)
Valentine candy .32
Shoe Goo 5.39(for my husband)
Total: 6.03
-4.99 ecb
Total: 1.09 OOP

Grand Total: 76.00 (pre-tax) My Total oop: 2.65

I have no more ecb's and no more gift/refund money. So while that stinks, I think I have done pretty well over the last two weeks.

Walgreen's Trip:

Foil 1.69
Foil 1.69
tissue .29
Total: 3.67
-walgreens coupon 1.60
-mfg coupon 2.00
Total: .07 OOP

So between the two I spent 2.72 and saved: 76.66 or 97% savings!


  1. Great job! You went to town on CVS!!!

  2. Rockin week at CVS! I have not made it in yet but I plan to tomorrow. Thank you for sharing your break downs with us! -- Tia