Monday, March 2, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping Day Adventures

Don't forget below Menu Plan Day I show you how we live on $50.00 a week for groceries (that include personal care, toiletries and kitchen necessities) and $50.00 a week for all other house hold necessities (that include shoes, clothing, home school supplies, car filter and oil, etc)

I also have my total's for weeks past below along with my weekly average.

I have not started my candida diet yet. I think it's best to plan out my meals for the week (more than just the soup!) and make sure they are similar to my families meals. This way I am not tempted. I will keep you updated on when I start and how it's going.-I should be starting next week!

All recipes below will be substituted for all natural and or organic ingredients. I also use America's Test Kitchen recipes because our family just loves them.

Menu Plan Monday:


Fluffy Dinner Style Omelet
French Toast
Strawberry Scones x's 2
Organic Cereal x's 2
Organic Oatmeal (vanilla and cinnamon)


Organic Popcorn
Banana Bread


Korean Fried Chicken, rice-squash-rolls
General TSO Chicken, mixed veggies-rice
Skillet BBQ pork chops, squash- rolls
Pulled Pork Sandwiches, veggies, -fries
Chili, croissants
Tuna Salad Sandwiches, fries

Need to make:

rolls x's 2
bread for tuna sandwiches
buns for pulled pork sandwiches

How my shopping week went:

This week will be bad for 2 reasons, #1 I found 2 receipts in my wallet from the past and we ate out once this week.

$50.00 for groceries:

The found receipts:
Sonic 5.39
Walmart: 3.92
Total: 9.31

Woods Grocery Store:
Navy Bean 1.25
Natural White Flour 3.59
10lb Leg Quarters 3.90
1.28lb Gizzards 1.28
1.48lb Grapes 1.32
Green Onion .59
Garlic .50
2.09lb Squash 2.05
Cilantro .99
8lbs Oranges 3.98
Banana's (day old) 1.56
2-1lb Butter 4.58
1 Dozen Eggs (running low on free range) 1.25
1lb cottage cheese 2.39
3lb corn 2.99
Total: 33.74

Eating Out:
Taco Bell 2.98
McDonald's 4.94
Sonic 2.12
Total: 10.04

Prairie Grove Farms:
Raw Milk
Total: 3.50

Price Cutter:
Organic Caesar salad dressing clearance .99
2 Gallon OJ 5.18
Steaks 4.49
Total: 11.07

3 Johnson Ez grip soap 2.91-3.00 coupon (
made .09 cents)
Shout gel
clearance 2.68
Binder for coupons
clearance 2.00
Gauze Pads 1.56-1.00 coupon .56
Total: 5.71
Grand Total for Groceries: 73.37

$50.00 for all other household necessities:

Well this week I actually put some 'grocery' items on here. I did so because I had to buy 50.00 worth!

Jet Dry 3.54
Jet Dry dishwasher cleaner 3.54
2 Cascade 2n1 20packets 8.00-$2.00 coupons
2 16pk mega roll (128 reg rolls) Charmin Toilet Paper 31.98-.25 coupon (got $5.00 gift card)
Total: 47.82+5.00 gift card for next visit

Windshield wiper fluid for truck 1.50
2 Windshield wipers for truck 10.00
3 month Air Filter for house 4.58
Total: 17.24
Grand Total: 65.06

Overall Grand Total: 138.43
Over for the week: 38.43

I will try to make up that 38.43 next week.

First week:
47.73 groceries
60.00 spelling power book
Grand Total: 107.73

Second week:
49.72 groceries
40.00 shoes ( I did not include tax here because I did it on the jackets below since they were bought together)
Grand Total: 89.72

Last week:
53.83 groceries
56.30 jackets and car oil

Grand Total: 110.13

This week:
73.37 groceries
65.06 toilet paper, dishwasher detergent/cleaners, truck wipers
Grand Total: 138.43

My average over every week is: 11.50

If I only spend $46 total next week I will be caught up. Do you think I can do it?

Don't forget to see other menu plan mondays check out orgjunkie and to see shopping day adventures check out The Grocery Cart Challenge.


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  1. Thanks for your kind comments and for stopping by. I am going to try your Korean Chicken recipe. That looks fabulous!

    I admire you very much for your diligence in budgeting. I have got to get more serious about that myself. It's tough out here where we have no choice but Wal Mart. :)