Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Diapers and to be frugal

Diapers and they can eat your frugal budget can't they?

They can cost around $1000.00 a year! $20 a week on diapers and wipes x's 52=$1040.00 that includes only cheap diapers and wipes!

Well.......a friend of mine recently showed me that you can have cool diapers and be frugal...and environmentally friendly!

-and get this it's REALLY EASY!!!!!

And the cost: basic is $300.00 a year! This price includes ORGANIC Diapers and wipes!!!!!!!!!!!

or with accessories it's $360.00(the first year only, after that it's back to the $300 mark)

Before we start...your might think this is gross...I hate gross stuff, so just note it's not gross or hard to do AT ALL! I have done it and it's really not so bad!

When my grandmother was growing up cloth diapers were a nightmare...but lucky for us we have lovely new technology that makes cloth diapers just shy of a dream come true.

It's called bumGenius!

No leaky cloth diapers (no more so than regular diapers-when they get full they leak)
No plastic covers-the diaper is the cover!
No boiling the diapers!
You can get cloth wipes too!

You just rinse them out, spray them down, throw them in the bin and then later you wash them in the's really not so bad! Don't worry it's no different washing diapers in the washer than washing your bloomers!

Things you will need to do this:-every home is different but I am giving you a run down each on basics and basic accessories I have links to the page on Cotton babies that the item can be found in.

Organic Cloth diapers
Organic wipes
pale with lid (a small bucket with a lid would work!)
Natural lotion for the pale this is the stuff to make sure no bacteria grows in your pale!

Accessories -I highly recommend these as they will make this journey much easier!
sprayer (to wash out the diaper-attaches to the toilet)
wipe warmer (this will help insure the wipes stay wet)


  1. We love cloth diapering, too! (Although I've never used the BumGenius. Thanks for putting my Simple Living button on your blog!


  2. I heart my BumGenius diapers. We switched to cloth when DD was 18m and these were how I switched DH into cloth.