Monday, January 26, 2009

Menu Plan Day and Shopping day Adventures


This week should be a lot better! I will still be over my $70 mark and a lot closer to my $100.00 mark but we had to buy a lot of meat that was on sale (we cook in bulk so we must buy in bulk)

First I will list my menu then my shopping trip. Everything in blue I had to buy ingredients for. If it's half blue and half red then I had to buy the ingredients for some or all of it and I posted a link for the recipe to it for you.

Don't forget all my recipes are usually from America's test kitchen, I just use zaar and all for you.


Organic poptarts
Organic cereal
Eggs and Bacon (free range eggs, and nitrate free bacon)
Banana Bread
Grits x's 2

celery and peanut butter
Banana Bread
Strawberry muffins I always use honey in the place of sugar with my muffins
guacamole (my recipe below) and chips
Salsa and chips

-Pulled pork, fried potatoes, Caesar salad
-Chicken enchiladas (my oldest likes Mexican so I try to give it to him now and again), Nachos
-BBQ Chicken- Macaroni Salad, Potato Salad, pinto beans (with leftover pork fat)
-Pulled pork, stuffed baked potatoes (instead of cheddar I am making Boursin cheese and I am not adding the peppers)
-Brats, leftover sides
-Crispy garlic chicken, caramelized carrots,

Recipes I must make this week to stay all natural and frugal:
Sandwich bread x's4
BBQ sauce
Boursin cheese
Dishwasher Detergent

Guacamole Recipe:
4-5 avocados -very ripe
2 cloves of garlic minced-sometimes I add 3!
1 roma tomato very small dice
1/2 small onion very small dice
salt to taste

mash avocados add other ingredients, chill and serve.

Okay how my shopping trip went:

Sea salt 2.25
tomato sauce 1.79
chili cheese sauce (for nachos) 3.34 (this was suppose to be $2-I will have to go back)
Tortilla chip 1.69
Corn Chip 1.69
Corn meal 3.15
flour 3.59 (for when I can't use wheat berries)
chipotle peppers 2.25
10lbs leg quarters 4.90
Boston pork roast (like 10-15lbs) 12.84
5 tomatoes 3.43
10 avocados 5.00
6 apples 3.28
organic celery 1.99
5lb grapefruit 2.99
10lb russet 2.28
1/2 gallon OJ x 2 2.38

Subtotal 61.62

Save A Lot:

vinegar 2.19
cream cheese x's 2 2.38
Baking soda .43
sour cream x's 2 1.98



Freezer bags 1.38
storage bags x's 2 2.76
120 Ziploc lunch bags x's 2-1.00 coupon 5.68
Degree x's 2 - 1.00 coupon 4.24

Subtotal: 14.06+tax=15.15

Prarie Grove Farm:

Raw Milk x's 2 7.00

Brats x's 2 6.00

Subtotal: 7.24

Total: 98.32

This should be much lower next week for two reasons! #1 I plan on hitting discount stores next week and #2 I won't be stocking up on too much meat or other stuff such as flour, corn meal and salt type stuff...I pray. This week I just ran out of a lot of have to haves all at once!

Don't forget to check out The Grocery Cart Challenge for other menu plans and shopping trips! Plus great recipes~


  1. Your menu looks great! The BBQ chicken night looks yummy!

    You might like this strawberry muffin recipe, too!

  2. Great menu, and I commend you on shopping organic, I know how hard and expensive it can be. And I also wanted to say you are super lucky to be able to buy raw milk, so jealous!